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Bath accessories are very essential to your bath time, adding  the right accessories for your skin care needs will upgrade you bathing/shower needs.

Facial Pads can help with uneven skin tone, good for removal of dead dry skin without the harsh abrasion to the face.

Foam Bath Sponges /Mesh Sponge - great to use with your body washes ,sponges or mesh sponges are especially good for liquid base soaps it creates lots of foaming lather.

Note: These bath sponges/mesh should be replaces every every 6 weeks if stored correctly when washed out and hung up to dry.

Pumice foot stone/pads-  A pumice stone is a light yet- abrasive stone used to remove dry, dead skin from the feet, they can also smooth callus or corns. Best used with Hand/Foot care products .

Lip Scrubber-  The daily use of Lip brushes allows gentle exfoliation and circulation for plump, smooth and soft lips. These silicon lip scrubby brushes removes dry skin and increases blood circulation in the lips.

Best used with lip scrubs for that gentle scrub

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